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4 of the Easiest Games to Play With Friends

Style4 of the Easiest Games to Play With Friends

It doesn’t matter whether you’re six years old or 66 years old – there’s nothing quite like a good game among a group of friends to make the time pass enjoyably. Whether it’s a board game, a card game, a dice game or something else entirely, nothing kills boredom more quickly.

Of course, some games come with overly complex rules and a laundry list of items that you require before you can play them. There are occasions when you can’t access such props, while there are others where time is of the essence and learning how a game works is not practical. For those very situation, these easy games should allow you to get down to action as quickly as possible.

Street dice

All that’s required to play street dice is a pair of dice and a place to roll them. For those who don’t know how to play dice, the rules can be viewed at the link preceding. They’re simple to master but provide endless entertainment, with the added excitement of betting money. It’s perhaps advisable to only wager with small amounts, or else use chips to substitute for real money, so as to ensure no friendships are damaged during the course of the game!


As one of the simplest card games to understand, blackjack is popular around the world. The objective is for the player to score a hand as close to 21 without going over that total; at the same time, the dealer (or the “house”) will record their own score from a single pair of cards. The winner is the one who has the highest score below 22. Straightforward but irresistible once you start playing!


We’re all familiar with this party game involving a mat covered with brightly coloured circles. Players must take it in turns to spin the wheel and place their hands or feet on the designated circles, contorting themselves into unusual positions and invading the personal space of their fellow players as they do so. It’s an especially popular choice as an ice-breaker among people who don’t know each other that well – particularly if they’ve had an alcoholic drink to loosen them up prior!

Beer pong

Speaking of alcoholic drinks, beer pong is an old college classic that’s still fun to play at any age. All that’s needed is a set of plastic cups arranged into two triangles of 10 at opposite ends of a table and filled with a small amount of beer. Players must toss the ping pong ball into the opposing player’s cups – if they are successful, the opponent has to drink the contents of the cup in which the ball landed. The winner is whoever sinks all of their opponent’s cups first.

And there you have it! Four fun and highly sociable games which don’t require a huge amount of equipment nor a significant mental effort to understand the rules. The next time your dinner party’s atmosphere is feeling a little flat, why not suggest one of these activities? It could be just the fillip your soiree needs.

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