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Adorable seal pups rescued from Norfolk beaches praised for 'fighting' spirit

NewsAdorable seal pups rescued from Norfolk beaches praised for 'fighting' spirit

Two adorable baby seals are being cared for by the Norfolk Hospital for Seals after being found when they were just a few days old on the beaches of Norfolk.

They were found weak and unresponsible and had to be taken in by the rehabilitation team at a specialist seal hospital in the city.

The two seal pups are both of similar ages and have been given unique names – Rubicon and Nesquik after the popular drinks.

Rubicon was found first weak and dehydrated on Snettisham Beach on June 23, whereas Nesquik was found on Heacham Beach on June 29 with his umbilical cord still attached.

Growing stronger day by day, the two seals are making great progress and learning to eat fish by themselves.

Nigel Croasdale, General Manager at Sea Life Hunstanton said: “Rubicon and Nesquik are such fighters! We’re so pleased with their progress and are looking forward to releasing them to thrive in the wild once they are strong and healthy enough to do so.”

The seal sanctuary, Sea Life Hunstanton, has rescued many seals over the years from Norfolk and surrounding counties, helping to support the area’s dense population of Common and Grey seals.

The rescues are in the interest of saving the seals’ lives as they often suffer from injuries or infections. Most are even too young to learn how to catch and eat fish by themselves.

The experts at the site take on the role of ‘mum’ to provide everything the pup needs to survive such as herring soup mixed with rehydration fluid to help their bodies recover.

Once they have mastered how to eat whole fish, they start to learn social skills and are moved from pool to pool with seals of similar abilities. Then once they are moved to a main sea pool and reach their target weight, they can be released into the wild.

Not every seal on land is in distress, seal pups spend most of their time out of the water until they are older and stronger.

However, if you encounter an unwell seal on the coastline, experts recommend you stick to the following guidance:


  • Keep your dog on a lead. A dog’s bite can damage a seal pup
  • Keep your distance as a mum will return if she thinks it is safe. But look and see if the pup is alone, thin, injured or unwell (coughing, noisy breathing)


  • Feed the wild animal. It can make them ill or change their natural behaviours.
  • Put the animal back in the sea. This could be dangerous as most seal pups spend time out of water

If you come across a distressed seal that needs help, you are advised to call the British Divers Marine Life Rescue on 01825 765 546 and give an accurate location.

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