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Amazon driver forced to stand by and watch as looters violently descend on her truck

NewsAmazon driver forced to stand by and watch as looters violently descend on her truck

An Amazon delivery driver came back from handing a package to its new owner to find a group of looters ransacking her truck, security footage shows.

The blitz on the Amazon truck is the latest in a series of robberies targeting delivery drivers in Atlanta, Georgia.

The female driver told the police she had left the running vehicle unattended while she delivered a package to a resident at the Country Oaks Apartment on Sunday only to come to catch the looters red-handed.

She said at least four young men ran up to the truck and broke in before running off with multiple packages. The video shows at least five people breaking into the truck.

Security footage from a nearby CCTV camera showed her standing just outside the apartment building while she helplessly watches the brazen group run off with the packages.

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Two of the robbers can be seen slipping and falling to the ground in their rush to get into the truck but they quickly stood up and resumed their thievery.

Police are currently investigating the incident and working to identify the perpetrators.

Amazon spokesperson Branden Baribeau said: “We’re glad the driver is okay and that she prioritised her safety during this terrible incident.”

The blitz on the Amazon truck came only hours after further videos emerged of a large crowd mobbing a FedEx truck and stealing packages off it.

The incident happened in Memphis on Saturday and caused over £8,000 in damages and losses.

The driver contacted the police after his 53-foot trailer was blocked in by several cars, whose drivers sped off as soon as officers arrived at the scene.

Several cars were parked in front of the van at an intersection, preventing the driver from taking off and a group of as many as 40 people broke the seal of the back door to access the packages.

The group made off three DirectTV cable boxes as well as a series of smaller items such as Kicker Speakers.

Memphis Police confirmed three men have since been arrested in connection to the incident.

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