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Americans totally puzzled by one thing Brits do with their sandwiches

NewsAmericans totally puzzled by one thing Brits do with their sandwiches

Americans have been left scratching their heads after discovering that Brits butter the inside of their sandwiches. One American took to Quora to ask if it’s true that Brits spread butter on their bread when making a sandwich, as seen on British cooking shows.

The post read: “I’m American. I often notice on British cooking shows that they often spread butter on the inside of sandwiches. You never see this in America. Is that realistic? Will the average Briton put butter in the inside of say, a ham sandwich?”

The question sparked a flurry of responses from Brits confirming that yes, we do indeed butter our sandwiches.

One Quora user replied: “You have sandwiches without butter? I’ve never had a sandwich without butter in my life. Oh sorry, there was the time in the 1950’s when margarine was used, and of course beef dripping was just spread on bread, and possibly the odd bacon sarnie without.

“But seriously I had no idea that any one eat sandwiches with no butter or spread on it. Funny old world isn’t it?”

One person commented: “We most definitely do butter our sandwiches. It’s unimaginable that anyone would make a sandwich with dry bread. I’m very fussy about the kind of butter too.

“A piece of ham on dry bread isn’t a sandwich, it’s an abomination. That’s what you eat when you’re lost in the woods, struggling to survive.”

Some Quora users reckon they know why some people butter their sarnies. One said: “Butter in a sandwich has two functions. It tastes great, and it helps the whole thing to stick together. It’s pretty well always part of a sandwich in the U.K.”

Another chipped in: “The butter is there to protect the bread from any dampness of the contents. Now fine you might get away with ham or cheese but as soon as you add salad you’ll get a soggy mess.

“And plain bread and ham needs a bit of lubricant somewhere to get it down you. For some godawful reason a lot of sandwich shops use mayonnaise instead of butter – heathens.”

But it seems some of our friends across the pond in America also spread butter on their sandwiches, so maybe we’re not so different after all?

One person chimed in: “I am American, and so were my parents, and I have always put butter on sandwiches. It keeps anything else from soaking into the bread and making it soggy -especially if you have a meat product or something like a tomato or cucumber in your sandwich. I cannot imagine making a ham sandwich without buttering the bread first.

“The standard ham baguette always has butter in it, and so would its Italian counterpart.”

Another comment read: “Canadian here. Y’all don’t butter your bread south of the border? What the hell?”

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