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Andrew Neil lists questions for Coutts after Nigel Farage unveils bombshell bank report

NewsAndrew Neil lists questions for Coutts after Nigel Farage unveils bombshell bank report

Andrew Neil has shared a list of probing questions for Coutts after Nigel Farage said his bank account was shut because his views “do not align with our values”.

The former Ukip and Brexit Party leader obtained a report from the private bank’s reputational risk committee used to justify the closure via a subject access request.

The 40-page document mentioned his comments about Brexit, his friendship with former US president Donald Trump and tennis star Novak Djokovic, and a perception that he was regarded as “racist and xenophobic”

Responding to the development, Mr Neil tweeted a list of searching questions for the bank for the wealthy.

The former BBC presenter said: “Who compiled and agreed the political tests that you used to decide who can be your customers (and resulted in Nigel Farage being banned from banking with you)?

“Does it have the approval of your CEO? Does it have the support of your parent bank NatWest Group?”

Mr Neil also asked about the process for the decision on Mr Farage’s bank and whether the CEO and board approved.

He went on: “You write of Farage not aligning with your values. Who determined these values?

“Do other banks in the NatWest Group have the same or different political tests?”

Mr Neil then asked who wrote the report into Mr Farage and who decided to shut his account.

He also questioned how many other accounts have been closed due to political reasons and if they will publish the criteria.

And Mr Neil asked if political figures involved in undemocratic regimes where human rights are not observed have accounts with the bank, or people with criminal records or tax evasion prosecutions.

He added that Coutts has an “obligation” to answer such questions as it is almost 40 percent owned by the state and warned bosses are likely to be hauled before MPs for a grilling.

Mr Farage responded: “We did ask Coutts some of these questions. Answer there came none.”

Writing for The Telegraph, the Brexit architect accused the bank of “lying” about the reason his accounts were closed.

It comes after briefings to the BBC and the Financial Times that he was cut off because he fell below the wealth limit.

Mr Farage said: “I believe Coutts targeted me on personal and political grounds, for its report reads rather like a pre-trial brief drawn up by the prosecution in a case against a career criminal.

“The most extraordinary comments of all are the areas of the report talking about me ‘not aligning with [Coutts’s] views’ and suggesting I must be barred because I do not support the diversity, policies and ‘purpose’ of Coutts, as though Britain is a political regime and I am a dissident.”

Mr Farage went public last month about his bank account being shut which has sparked an ongoing debate.

Coutts was contacted for comment.

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