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Angry pedestrian pours hot coffee over Uber in right-of-way row

NewsAngry pedestrian pours hot coffee over Uber in right-of-way row

An argument between a pedestrian and an Uber driver became heated after the pedestrian walked in front of the car. The incident outside the George Hotel, in Huddersfield, on Sunday morning, prompting the Uber driver to wind his window down and tell him off.

He denied walking in front of the car, telling the driver: “I’m not walking in front of the car; I’m crossing the road, I’ve got right of way.” 

The pedestrian then walked away but returned in order to pour his coffee over the car’s windscreen and bonnet.

The driver, who did not want to be named, told YorkshireLive that more pedestrians had been stepping into his car’s path due to misunderstanding recent changes to the Highway Code.

“They seem to just walk out in front of traffic. It’s unbelievably ridiculous,” he said. “Being a professional driver with a duty to uphold my professionalism, I knew not to react and he is the one who has made himself look like a clown.”

The driver branded the pedestrian “extremely immature”.

The updated Highway Code relates to pedestrians crossing at junctions and at zebra crossings.

The updated Code states that:

  • At a junction, drivers should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road into which or from which you are turning.
  • At zebra crossings, drivers must give way when a pedestrian is waiting to cross.

The RAC says: “Although drivers are asked to give way more often, pedestrians still have a responsibility to cross safely.”

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