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Anheuser-Busch forgot about their Bud Light customers, says former executive

NewsAnheuser-Busch forgot about their Bud Light customers, says former executive

Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser-Busch have been suffering financially because they ventured into the world of politics, thus alienating customers on all sides, according to their former president of sales.

The value of the US firm – who have been hit by a major boycott after their partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney backfired spectacularly – has plummeted, costing the brand Bud Light its crown as America’s best-selling beer, being usurped by Mexican lager Modelo Especial.

At one point, the massive cold-shoulder performed by its clientele cost the company $27 billion in value and Anson Frericks thinks not only do they only have themselves to blame, but that they also didn’t deal know how to deal with the backlash that ensued.

“Anheuser-Busch has lost sight of who its customer is,” said Frericks, who left his position in the company and co-founded asset management firm Strive.

“A brand like Bud Light is one that has never been political, but now they’re being shunned by customers on the right, who see this partnership as a very politicised position they’ve taken, and also customers on the left who don’t feel supported amid the backlash.”

Frericks feels that a relentless media campaign has helped fuel the boycott, with both sales and the company’s share price being hit hard. He also thinks the firm failed to implement a clear strategy to deal with the backlash.

Bud Light are attempting to win back their lost customers by launching a new commercial, called ‘Easy to Summer’ and in a press release about the ad, Anheuser-Busch wrote: “Bud Light’s latest addition to its Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy campaign comes to life in the all-new commercial, titled ‘Easy to Summer’.

“n the spot, despite the everyday trials and tribulations of summer – like sunburn, broken flip flops, or navigating a paddle board for the first time – you’ll see how an ice cold Bud Light is easy to enjoy with 21+ family and friends. Set to the track “Good Times” by Chic, Bud Light is here to remind fans to kick back and enjoy with friends and family in the backyard throughout the summer.”

Todd Allen, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light, said: “Bud Light is ready for an epic summer, and we are looking forward to delivering easy enjoyment to our 21+ fans for all the best summer moments in the backyard.”

But the ad has been ridiculed on social media for “trying too hard” despite not including any LGBTQ themes or any other sort of political statements.

Geoffrey Ingersoll, editor in chief of The Daily Caller, in Virginia, wrote on Twitter: “You’re getting brigaded for this and for good reasons, guys, but also, on its merits, the commercial is dumb. A super cut of dudes embarrassing themselves in front of other people? Have you learned nothing?

“Go back to the 90s and mine your old content. Do a condensed version of Top Gun II with more babes. Chicks in bikinis. Smoking hot runway models painted green cast as aliens abducting some average joe to give him ice cold beer in space. Get creative, but stick to the basics.”

ValiantNewsLive Editor-in-Chief Tom Pappert remarked: “Pleasantly surprised to see straight white men in advertising again. Just wish you didn’t become the butt of every joke at the BBQ before learning this lesson. None of these men would be caught dead drinking your beer in public.”

Despite rallying since the start of June, Anheuser-Busch’s share price was just under $58 when the markets closed on Thursday (June 22). When Mulvaney shared news of the partnership to Instagram, its shares were trading at around $67.

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