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Anne was a fashion ‘trailblazer’ whereas Kate follows royal ‘rules’ with ‘practical’ style

NewsAnne was a fashion ‘trailblazer’ whereas Kate follows royal ‘rules’ with ‘practical’ style

Princess Anne was arguably more daring with her style when she was younger, compared to what Kate wears nowadays.

Susie discussed whether this was because the Princess Royal wasn’t centre stage: “Royal clothes are a sort of uniform with rules laid down by the late Queen – no short hemlines, fly-away fabrics etc, but she did embrace the playful elements of fashion in her youth, such as flower power and 80s ruffles and bows.

“As a practical royal, she recycles her clothes and is keen on UK manufacturing, so these investment pieces from decades ago still make appearances – which is a wonderful example to set as a trailblazer for sustainable fashion.”

In comparison, Kate’s style is “elegant practical chic, with a fun edge shown in her taste for polka dots and fancy sequins”, according to Susie.

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