Bake Off: GBBO winner Sophie Faldo's moist sponge cake hack – 'I tend to cover mine'

Bake Off sees amateur bakers go head to head in the infamous tent to create delicious bakes. From bread to biscuits, to show-stopping cakes – the programme inspires a legion of bakers each year.

“So, make sure you’re actually testing it to make sure it comes out of the oven at the right time.”

When you have your timings down, you can try Sophie’s next tip, wrapping your cake.

She said: “I tend to cover mine in clingfilm sometimes as well so the steam doesn’t escape from it.

“Once it’s out of the oven I turn out the cake and then cover it in clingfilm.”

She also detailed her lemon drizzle cake recipe, and she infuses the sweet yet sour cake with flavour. 

The cake is a simple loaf cake topped with a sour, lemon flavoured sauce, aka “drizzle”.

Sophie said: It’s quite difficult to put that much flavour into a sponge because it can have a real effect on the texture.

“That’s why you can only really put the zest in the sponge, really, and then infuse as much of the flavour as you can in the syrup.”

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