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BBC accused of ‘spinning for Meghan’ and attempting to ‘undermine Royal Family’ with poll

NewsBBC accused of ‘spinning for Meghan’ and attempting to ‘undermine Royal Family’ with poll

The BBC has been accused by the television host of making “another” attempt to “undermine” the Royal Family in the lead-up to the crowing of King Charles.

Dan Wootton, GB News presenter, has slammed the broadcaster in his latest comment article for the Daily Mail. He states: “The British Bashing Corporation, otherwise known as the BBC, has made another attempt to undermine the ongoing and vast popularity of the Royal Family at a time of transition in a primetime Panorama documentary, which it claims proves ‘public opinion about the British royals is changing.’”

The host referenced the latest airing of BBC’s Panorama in which the programme stated “the monarchy is at a time of transition”. To gauge the public mood ahead of the Coronation, BBC’s Panorama commissioned a YouGov opinion poll about the Royal Family, which Dan Wootton has questioned.

He even accused the BBC of “spinning” for Meghan Markle – who he claims is at fault, alongside her husband, for the Royal Family’s decline in popularity charted in the episode.

According to the BBC poll, 32 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds want the monarchy to continue, compared to 64 percent in 2013, with an academic in the programme concluding: “Charles has a problem with Gen Z”.

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Mr Wootton notes the fall in Royal support for the young generation and claims “we know exactly who to blame” – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He also refers to the couple as “the biggest thorns in the side of the British Monarchy”.

To further clarify his reasoning, Mr Wootton contrasts the nature of the Duchess of Sussex with the rest of the Royal family.

Mr Wootton said: “When you compare the Duchess and her woke victimhood narrative while refusing to work for the British people, with the stoic, consistent, and unglamorous duty provided to us by the King and Camilla, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Sophie, and Prince William and Kate, there is simply no competition.”

The Panorama episode sparked a further reaction from the TV host: “In the end, no matter how the BBC and the rest of the left-wing media spin for her, even the woketopians will see Meghan and Prince Harry only care about themselves, whereas the Royal Family are there for the country in ways an elected politician could never be.”

The BBC Panorama episode explored the opinions of both supporters and critics of the monarchy and asked if “the new king will adapt the monarchy to suit modern times”.

The results of the YouGov opinion poll showed more than a third of 18 to 24-year-olds want the monarchy to continue, and “almost half” of those asked from ethnic minority backgrounds “believe the Royal Family has a problem with race and diversity.”

Poll results also revealed nearly three-quarters of the population is behind the new King, with only 26 per cent wanting an elected head of state.

The BBC Panorama YouGov poll surveyed 4,592 UK adults between 14-17 April earlier this month.

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