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Beatrice showed signs her relationship with Harry is no longer 'straightforward' – claim

NewsBeatrice showed signs her relationship with Harry is no longer 'straightforward' - claim

Prince Harry arrived on his own at Westminster Abbey yesterday but he was seen walking in with his cousins, Princess Beatrice and Prince Eugenie due to the order of their seats. Body language expert Inbaal Honigman analysed the three royal’s interactions, and that of their husbands with the Duke of Sussex and exclusively shared her insight with Express.co.uk.

The Princesses of York and their husbands seemingly arrived at the same time for the Coronation service yesterday.

Standing outside with their husbands, Jack Brooksbank and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, they were joined by Prince Harry.

The five interacted whilst walking inside the Abbey, with Eugenie and Jack ahead, but Eugenie was photographed looking behind to engage with the others.

Edoardo greeted Harry with a friendly hand on the back, whereas Beatrice walked the other side of her husband and kept her distance.

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Inbaal said: “As the Royals enter Westminster Abbey, Prince Harry was seen walking behind Eugenie, Beatrice and their other halves.

“Eugenie and Jack turned to chat to Harry, which showed how close they are – even on such an important and well-documented day, they took the time to acknowledge one another.”

She added: “As Harry talked to them, he had his hands in a cradle position, palms facing up. This was a gesture of trust, of honesty, and he looked comfortable in their presence.

“Beatrice and Edo acknowledged Harry, making eye contact, exchanging a few words and some sincere smiles.

“Beatrice’s cheeks were high and round as she talked to him [Harry], telling us her smile was genuine.”

Inbaal continued: “Edo tapped him [Harry] on the back in a gesture of familiarity, so there was no animosity there. These gestures can’t be faked.

“However, Beatrice drifted away from the pack, and her husband soon followed, which showed that the strong bond that Harry and his family share with Eugenie and hers, isn’t the same bond that they share with Beatrice and her family.”

The body language expert noted: “Beatrice’s attitude towards Harry was affectionate, when she talked to him she met his eye, which shows honest communication.

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“But in drifting away she showed that the relationship isn’t as straightforward as it once was.”

Inside, Harry was sat next to Jack, and Inbaal said: “Harry seems pleased to sit by Jack for the Coronation, joking with him and letting his guard down a bit – he’s even pulling faces, which shows their friendly connection.

“Both men mirror each other’s moves as they settle into their chairs, looking in the same direction and shuffling in their seats at the same time.

“This is the hallmark of a deep friendship when two people start to use the same gestures as one another.”

It is no secret Harry and Meghan Markle are good friends with Eugenie and Jack – over the years there have been many occasions and moments to suggest so.

Harry and Eugenie have reportedly been close since children, and in 2016 the four enjoyed a fancy dress Halloween party together.

When the Sussexes moved to California, the Brooksbanks moved into Frogmore Cottage, and following that, on several occasions, they visited America to spend time with Harry and Meghan – the Super Bowl and Eugenie playing with Prince Archie on the beach as seen in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan are just a couple of examples.

There is also talk of Eugenie and Jack considering moving to America – they’re currently dividing their time between Portugal and UK for Jack’s job.

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