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Beautiful seaside town you've probably not heard of tipped to become new UK favourite

NewsBeautiful seaside town you've probably not heard of tipped to become new UK favourite

A beautiful seaside town which you’ve probably never heard of has been tipped to become a new UK favourite because of its incredible beach and quaint way of life. 

The Somerset town is home to a seven-mile block of sensational golden sand, making it one of the longest stretches of sand in Europe. 

At a low tide, Brean’s beach also extends to include the vast expanses of mud flats which are revealed, although stark warnings have been made to stay off them, however beautiful they may be. 

Situated just a couple of miles south of Weston-super-Mare, Brean is also a great destination for families wanting to stay active. Brean Leisure Park is home to a number of roller coasters and other rides for all to enjoy. 

Humbly branded as ‘the South-West’s Ultimate Family Day Out’, the 200 acre park boasts a waterpark, golf club, play area, and a theme park among its offerings.

There are over forty rides, including go-karting, a swinging pirate ship and dodgems. 

For those wanting a bit of natural exercise, the vast beach is a great place for long walks with family and friends, as well as a number of beach sports like kayaking or French cricket. 

Visitors to the beach were full of praise on Tripadvisor, with Olivia saying “beautiful scenery” in her five out of five review, while Marianne said “Brean is fantastic for riding”, as she rode her gorgeous horse along the vast expanses of sand.

A notable feature is Brean Down, a dramatic 97m high peninsula which offers spectacular views of the sea. 

Plonked on top is also a fascinating Roman temple site, while the remains of an Iron Age are still viewable. There is thought to have once been evidence of Stone Age inhabitation on the Down, although perhaps most interestingly, there are also the remains of a 19th-Century fort which was possibly built in order to defend the town from Napoleonic invasion. 

The rest of the town is fairly quiet, but that is usually the ideal location for a sun-filled summer getaway. 

The average property price in Brean is £240,700, somewhat less than the national average of £290,000.  

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