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Biden's ratings drop to lowest ever as even his own aides raise questions over his age

NewsBiden's ratings drop to lowest ever as even his own aides raise questions over his age

Joe Biden’s polling numbers have dropped to the lowest of his presidency as speculation over his ability to lead for another four years continue.

A new Gallup poll released this week found Biden’s favourability to be at 37 percent, the lowest rating the advisory company recorded for him since the start of his presidency.

Biden kicked off his tenure with a 57 percent approval rating and maintained an average in the low 40s in recent weeks.

The survey was conducted between April 3 and April 25 – and it marked the lowest polling of any president at the same time in their presidency since Dwight Eisenhower, who in April 1955 had an approval rating of 70 percent.

The results come days after Biden announced he is planning to run for re-election next year, and as reports about aides struggling with his schedule emerged.

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Close advisers to the President claimed his team have had issues with the 80-year-old’s agenda as they admitted planning events in the morning, evening or weekends is difficult.

They told Axios that Biden “has diminished his energy, significantly limiting his schedule,” and therefore most events have to be pencilled in between 10am and 4pm to ensure they go ahead.

Biden has been facing increasing questions about his ability to make it through another term as this week he appeared to struggle through a Q&A in the Rose Garden during a press conference with the visiting South Korean President.

During the event, keen observers also noticed the President was relying on what appeared to be a cheat sheet with photos and descriptions of reporters attending the session.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed questions about the notes in her daily briefing as she insisted the cards were “entirely normal” for Biden to have.

Members of the press pool took particular issue with the sheet containing details of the questions colleagues were due to ask before they were even called to speak by the President.

Jean-Pierre said: “We do not have specific questions in advance. That’s not something that we do. In fact, I would point out that the question that was asked was different than what was on the card.

“Our job is to get a sense of the news of the day, the topics are interested to ask of him.

“It is entirely normal for a president to be briefed on reporters who will be asking questions at the press conference.”

And on the anniversary of the first Bring Your Kid to Work Day, he was not able to immediately remember where his last foreign visit was – despite having only been to Northern Ireland and Ireland at the beginning of the month.

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Hailey bluntly questioned whether Biden would be able to serve another term to completion.

Haley said: “He announced that he’s running again in 2024, and I think that we can all be very clear and say with a matter of fact that if you vote for Joe Biden you really are counting on a President Harris, because the idea that he would make it until 86 years old is not something that I think is likely.”

Her campaign then reiterated their swipe at Biden’s age on Twitter, writing: “A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to make Kamala Harris president.”

However, White House deputy spokesman Andrew Bates hit back with his own swipe, saying: “As you know, we don’t engage with campaigns. But honestly, I forgot she was running.”

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