Billie Eilish 'has thought about ending her career'

This week the BBC released a documentary about Billie Eilish and how her popularity has boomed in the past few years. The doc, titled Billie Eilish: Up Close, shows the 19-year-old singer talking candidly with Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo. During the conversation, the topic of her future came up.

Clara asked: “What does the future hold?” to which Billie responded: “I wish I knew​!​”

Clara then said: “Do you want to retire at 25? Keep going until you’re 90?”

Billie smiled: “I don’t know, I was thinking about that. I don’t really know.”

The star then opened up about what she wanted to do long before the pandemic.

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Billie said: “I think that I thought I would want to [retire].

“But the break that we’ve been forced to have has made me go… let’s keep on keeping on.”

The young singer then exhaled while saying: “I just want to do shows and shows and shows… and enjoy life and have animals and breathe. Yeah.”

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Billie’s extreme fame has always left her to be singled out by critics on the internet, however.

Earlier on in the BBC documentary, the singer spoke candidly about dealing with these trolls.

She said: “The people that even say the crazy stuff… they don’t even think you’ll see it.

“They would never say that to you in real life!”

Feeling exasperated, Billie went on: “It’s just like… what is the point in trying to do good if people are going to keep saying that you’re doing wrong?

“Like, I try so hard to do good for the world and good for people. Please, tell me how that works?”

Later she added: “It’s weird to be under a microscope.”

Happier Than Ever is out now.


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