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Bins may be seized if left out in a new scheme to stop rule-breaking residents

NewsBins may be seized if left out in a new scheme to stop rule-breaking residents

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has launched a crackdown on the rule-breaking residents if their bins are left out beyond 7pm on collection days. The council has begun issuing notices to the families who are leaving their bins out. Residents failing to return their bin to their property by 7pm that day will be slapped a £50 fine.

The notice by the council reads: “Environmental crime unit. Abandoned bin will be removed after seven days.”

The crackdown has already been reported in Tellwright Street and Gordon Street, in Burslem, and on Apollo Walk, in Middleport.

As per the rules, a bin should only be left out between 7pm the night before bin day and 7pm on collection day, reported StokeonTrent Live.

One of the residents, Kerry Williamson has welcomed the crackdown.

She said: “The bins stay here all year round, it’s annoying.

“I can’t sit in my garden because of the smell.

“We’ve had rats because of it and there are flies are in my garden.

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“I just can’t enjoy my garden. It’s vile. The school has complained about it because the kids walk through here. It’s never ending.”

Alex Owen, from Burslem, added: “It is horrible walking past the alley because all the bins block the entrance and stink.

“Hopefully this will stop it from happening.”

A council spokesman said: “Bins can be left out after 7pm the night before collection and should be taken in by 7pm on the day of collection.

“We understand that some residents may not realise wheelie bins can cause problems, such as obstructing wheelchair/pushchair access or causing a possible fire hazard and so we are trialling ‘abandoned wheelie bin’ stickers to try to encourage residents to remove bins after they have been emptied.”

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