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Blind ex-Royal Marine scoops £400k lottery win after wife bought ticket before she died

NewsBlind ex-Royal Marine scoops £400k lottery win after wife bought ticket before she died

A blind ex-Royal Marine won the £400,000 prize in the People’s Postcode Lottery thanks to his late wife’s winning ticket.

Alan Mizon, 77, hit the jackpot after his wife Diana signed them up for the lottery scheme before she died of cancer in 2020.

Mr Mizon dedicated the win to Diana, whom he said would be “absolutely out of this world” for snatching a slice of the £3.2 million Postcode Lottery prize.

The former Marine took the biggest part of the jackpot after his postcode area came up in the winning but the win was still bittersweet as he said the moment would have been happier if the “love of his life” were still with him.

He told ITV: “Flipping heck – it’s a miracle! Di would be absolutely out of this world.

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“She got my Postcode Lottery ticket all sorted out for me – she was the smart one. She’s looking out for me.”

Mr Mizon said he will be donating part of the cash to charity and use some of the remaining sum to revisit some of the places he and Diana holidayed to during their 53-year marriage.

He continued: “I’m on the waiting list for a guide dog, which would really help me as I don’t see or walk very well, and they’d be a great companion.

“I’d like to give something to Guide Dogs – to help others like me. First, I think I’ll treat myself to a nice whisky to celebrate and just take it all in.”

Mr Mizon, however, said he would first celebrate the life-changing won with a “nice whisky” and “just take it all in.”

He was not the only victor as more than 540 people in the wider postcode area are set to receive at least £4,477.

Among his fellow winners were Kate Webster and Claire Blakeborough, who said they will be using their share of the money to pay for IVF treatment.

The pair, who was married in April 2022, are eager to start a family, with Blakeborough joking: “It would be amazing to have a Postcode Lottery baby. But we don’t dare to dream.”

The latest draw brought in more winnings to Dean Ketley 10 years after his first win – and he is planning a repeat of his month-long splurging.

Mr Ketley, 65, won £28,000 in 2013 and spent it on a garden spa, paying off his car and a family holiday to Barbados.

The man, who is recovering from throat cancer, is now eyeing another getaway with ex-wife Julie and their two children, Alfie, 21, and Amy, 19.

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