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Body language experts claim to spot signs the ‘old Prince Harry’ has made a ‘comeback’

NewsBody language experts claim to spot signs the ‘old Prince Harry’ has made a ‘comeback’

Prince Harry attended King Charles III’s Coronation on his own on Saturday as Meghan Markle stayed in California with their two children. Several body language experts have analysed footage and images of the Duke of Sussex at the momentous occasion and two seem to agree they saw elements of “the old Harry”.

Body language and communication expert Louise Mahler told Sunrise Australia her thoughts.

She said: “Prince Harry arriving, I think we got our first glimpse of Harry for years.

“He was the old Harry, coming in smiling, laughing – walking tall and looking magnificent.

“The fact that he was on his own was a benefit, but his issue was he thought he could look at people and speak to them, and they would speak back to him, but it didn’t work,” she suggested.

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“It would’ve been better if he just looked and smiled, but he focused in on people wanting a conversation – but they didn’t [engage] and that must’ve been difficult for him.”

Author of the Body Language Bible, Judi James shared her thoughts with Page Six: “Harry looked cheerful to the point of cocky – [it’s] almost as though none of the events of the past couple of years had ever happened.”

She discussed how “Harry arrived laughing and joking” and pointed out the “mime” he “performed” that referred to Princess Eugenie’s “heavily-pregnant baby bump and making them all chuckle”.

He also “greeted the clergy with warmth and adopted an upbeat, slightly rolling, wide-stride gait to suggest breezy cheerfulness,” Judi said.

The expert went on to suggest how royal fans saw a “comeback of the joker Prince”, noting Harry was “bouncy and resilient”, and claimed he looked “honoured” to be seated three rows back.

Judi went on to compare Harry’s body language yesterday to pre-Coronation.

She said: “I’d bet Harry would attend looking solitary and isolated without Meghan, using some anxiety rituals like his signature tummy pat, haunted eye expression and wedding ring fiddle to self-comfort.”

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But the expert claimed Harry’s behaviour was a “counter-intuitive performance that was almost breathtaking” referencing the “no-hope rating he is currently being given in terms of returning to the bosom of his royal family”.

And when his immediate family walked past, he seemingly diverted his attention.

When Charles, William and Kate entered Westminster Abbey, Judi said: “Harry performed what looked like an oddly-timed act of ignore or attention diversion as his father, brother and sister-in-law walked in a procession in front of him.

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