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Border Patrol union calls for President Biden's arrest over 'worst crisis ever'

NewsBorder Patrol union calls for President Biden's arrest over 'worst crisis ever'

The Border Patrol union has hit out at the “absolutely corrupt” administration of President Joe Biden amid what it describes as “the worst sustained disaster ever seen at our border”.

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) even went as far as saying Mr Biden deserves to be arrested as the Title 42 immigration rule came to an end at midnight on May 12.

Title 42 was the name of an emergency health rule put in place by Donald Trump’s administration in March 2020 – the height of the Covid pandemic.

The rule aimed at curbing the spread of Covid allowed border officials to turn migrants away quickly.

Before it was put in place, migrants could illegally enter the US and ask for asylum. They were then screened, and more often than not released to wait out their immigration cases.

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Now, however, there are concerns of a nightmare surge at the border with Mexico, with thousands seen waiting for entry to America to try and seek asylum.

Indeed, Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz confirmed on Friday (May 12) that “upwards of 60,000 migrants” are “staging in and around the immediate border area”.

“This is by far the worst sustained disaster that any BP agent, active or retired, has ever seen at our border,” the NBPC wrote on Twitter.

Alongside a close-up image of Mr Biden smiling, it continued: “And one man is responsible for every single bit of it, with the worst still to come.”

Earlier this week, meanwhile, union president Brandon Judd told Fox News that Mr Biden, 80, should be treated in the same way as those who are caught smuggling migrants.

“If he wasn’t the president of the United States, I would arrest him,” Mr Judd declared. “But he is the president, so he’s not held accountable.”

“When you look at what the administration has done, they’ve completely and totally turned upside down what we have always done,” he said of his members’ ability to enforce the border and kick out anyone entering illegally.

“We can get this under control tomorrow. All we have to do is go back to the policies that President Trump implemented,” he added.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also laid into Mr Biden on social media, adding his actions had ‘cruel’ consequences.

On Twitter, he said: “Joe Biden, this is your fault. The people who are killed crossing illegally, that is your fault. The women who are sexually abused crossing illegally, that is your fault. The children who are brutalised crossing illegally, that is your fault.

“The people who are dying of drug overdoses — over 100,000 last year — that is your fault. Come down here President Biden. Stop hiding in the basement, stop pretending this misery is not your fault, stop it. This is not humane, this is not compassionate. This is cruel.”

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention officially announced they would rescind Title 42 in April 2022, but were blocked from doing so by a federal judge.

But earlier this year, Mr Biden ended the US’ Covid-19 emergency declaration, removing legal justification for Title 42 expulsions.

Republicans fumed about the move, saying Title 42 was necessary to manage the crisis at the US-Mexico border.

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