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Bride, 21, 'who wanted to be prettier for her wedding' dies after boob job 'goes wrong'

NewsBride, 21, 'who wanted to be prettier for her wedding' dies after boob job 'goes wrong'

A young bride has died after undergoing her ‘dream’ boob job operation in order to show off her ‘new cleavage in a low-cut wedding dress’.

Alessia Neboso, 21, from Naples, Italy, died a week after surgery on September 11 to increase her breast size ahead of upcoming nuptials.

The young beautician has reportedly been planning the operation for months but on September 21 her devastated family were told “she wouldn’t make it”.

Alessia was “stabilised” and taken to the intensive care unit where she died after a few hours despite the doctors’ desperate attempts to keep her alive.

A friend told Italian publication Il Mattino that it was Ms Neboso’s “dream” to have the procedure because she “didn’t like her small breasts”.

They said she wanted to “get married wearing a nice low-cut dress that would highlight her new cleavage.

“When she came home to do my nails, that was all she talked about, and she was happy to have found the courage to go to the surgeon.”

But the friend added Ms Neboso’s breasts were “not small” and that her boyfriend “didn’t agree” she need to enlarge them.

Ms Neboso’s father Salvatore Neboso told Il Mattino initially doctors had said the surgery had “gone well”.

He said: “During check-ups she was found to have fluid stagnation. A week later she started to feel ill.”

Mr Neboso added: “My wife, Alessia’s brother and sister, and myself, we want the truth. We want the cameras in the clinic to be checked. We demand justice. My daughter only wanted an extra breast size. Instead, she found death.”

The family and fiancé of Alessia Neboso have filed a complaint in relation to her death. A statement read: “If there is any responsibility, it will have to come out. If Alessia died because of the doctors, we want justice: she was fine, beautiful, young and healthy. They must tell us what happened in that operating theatre.”

A manslaughter investigation has been opened on the case, led by Deputy Prosecutor Simona Di Monte.

In the meantime, an inspection ordered by the manager of the Naples One ASL, Ciro Verdoliva, was immediately triggered at the Neapolitan clinic.

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