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Camilla flew privately to secretly meet Charles on foreign trips, personal pilot claims

NewsCamilla flew privately to secretly meet Charles on foreign trips, personal pilot claims

A new documentary reportedly claims that the Queen Consort used to fly by private jet to secretly meet up with the King while he was on official foreign visits and still wedded to Princess Diana. Squadron Leader Graham Laurie, Charles’ former personal pilot, tells of the pair’s romantic meet-ups, saying: “They were getting together overseas but the Press didn’t cotton on.”

In the documentary, My King Charles, another contributor claims Diana had an affair with a bodyguard, and became furious when he was transferred to other obligations, according to a report.

Mr Laurie tallied over 2,000 Royal flights during his time as one of a pool of pilots based at RAF Northolt in West London between 1981 and 2000.

The majority were with the former Prince of Wales, but he also was responsible for flying Diana’s body back home from France following her death in 1997.

He said: “As regards Camilla, I didn’t ever fly her but we did see her involvement in certain trips when we went abroad.

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“There would be a civilian charter aircraft on the tarmac before we got there and it was still there when we left.

“I found out afterwards that actually Camilla had flown in and out on that aircraft.”

The film will become available on Amazon on May 6, Coronation day.

The Mail on Sunday reports that Mr Laurie did not know who paid the bill for Camilla’s flights, according to sources at US broadcaster Paramount.

A minimum of one flight was allegedly made in 1994 when Camilla was still married to Andrew Parker Bowles, and Charles was yet to divorce from Diana.

Also featuring in the programme is former Royal Protection officer Allan Peters, who claims Diana became enraged when he attempted to stop an alleged affair between her and Barry Mannakee, another bodyguard.

He said: “I was in my office at Kensington Palace and… she was in the doorway throwing her shoes at the back of my head, upset, because she was putting the blame on me.”

Sgt Peters worked for Diana at the time, while Mannakee was allocated to her sons, three-year-old William and one-year-old Harry.

He said: “I started to notice her conduct in the presence of Mannakee getting more and more strange… As far as I could ascertain they were having an affair.”

Mr Peters said Diana launched into a fury after Mannakee – who later died in a motorcycle crash in 1987 – was reallocated to other responsibilities.

He said: “She was distraught.

“I can categorically say that the first person that strayed in the marriage was the Princess.”

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