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Can you quickly see the famous face hidden in this brainteaser?

NewsCan you quickly see the famous face hidden in this brainteaser?

Brain teasers are popular and simple ways to keep the mind sharp and alert. They act as a way for the brain to test itself and force one of the body’s most important organs to find solutions to complex problems. These puzzles can help improve both focus and memory. 

Posted on Reddit by u/Excellent-Penalty-47, this brain teaser appears at first to just be an array of vertical black and white stripes.

Attached to the image is just one instruction: “Shake your head.” The challenge is to decipher who or what lies beneath the black-and-white surface of the image.

Hours after it was posted on Reddit, this teaser caused a swirl of debate over the mysterious figure.

Most thought it was someone, potentially a man or a woman, laughing while others gave tips to fellow users on how to cheat the puzzle.

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One user said: “If you’re using your phone, shake the phone and not your head” whilst another said, “If you just look at the pic from a sharp angle you can see it without shaking anything”.

Regardless of how the puzzle was solved, the answer was soon made clear. The figure beneath the dazzling lines was famous singer Bob Marley.

Mr Marley was a famous singer, musician, and songwriter whose music mixed elements of reggae, ska, and rocksteady.

He died in 1981 at the age of just 36 from cancer which had begun in his right toe and spread throughout his body.

Following his death he was given a state funeral in Jamaica and buried in a chapel close to his birthplace.

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