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Can you solve this tricky pet brain teaser and work out the dog’s age?

NewsCan you solve this tricky pet brain teaser and work out the dog’s age?

Brain teasers are a great way to stretch the mind and to push one of the body’s most important muscles. This latest brain teaser is a test of your maths skills.

Your challenge is to work out how old one beloved dog is. The latest brain teaser by Bright Side presents you with a couple and their dog.

The teaser said: “In two years, the dog will be twice as old as it was five years ago. How old is the dog today?”

This brain teaser is a test of your maths skills and, like the best brain teasers, could have long-term health benefits if done regularly enough.

Can you work out the dogs’ age?

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No worries if you weren’t able to work out the dog’s age immediately, the answer is below.

Brain teasers and other brain tests such as crosswords and sudoku are excellent ways of keeping the brain healthy.

According to some experts, these brain teasers could have a greater purpose than proving a brief moment or two of destruction.

In the long term, they could reduce your risk of developing a neurodegenerative condition such as dementia. The reason for this is that continually testing the brain keeps it healthy.

While other factors such as lifestyle factors can also have an impact on dementia risk, it is essential to keep the mind active throughout life.

According to the dementia charity Alzheimer’s Society, one person is diagnosed with dementia in the UK every three minutes and one in three people will develop the condition in their lifetime.

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