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Captain America 4 new title announced by Anthony Mackie in Harrison Ford Marvel set photo

NewsCaptain America 4 new title announced by Anthony Mackie in Harrison Ford Marvel set photo

At the conclusion of Avengers Endgame, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers passed on his Captain America shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson.

It took the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for him to accept this calling as the new Cap and now he’s getting his own solo movie.

Originally titled Captain America: New World Order, the star has revealed that the Marvel movie’s new subtitle is Brave New World.

Interestingly that’s the title of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian 1932 novel about a futuristic society engineered perfectly around capitalism and scientific efficiency.

It’s not clear yet if there’s a connection to the book’s themes but we’d be surprised if there wasn’t.

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Mackie made the reveal in an Instagram post featuring a picture of himself and Harrison Ford chatting on set.

He captioned it: “When Harrison Ford tells you how kicking ass should look, you listen! LoL… Thanks for the on set wisdom and laughs my friend!

“Can’t wait to do it again… Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Brave New World in theaters May 3, 2024.”

Ford stars as a recast Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, following the death of original actor William Hurt.

He was the villainous US general in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, Secretary of State in Captain America: Civil War and is now the MCU’s President of the United States.

Little is known about the plot yet, but Tim Blake Nelson is reprising his Samuel Sterns aka Leader from the Ed Norton-led Hulk movie.

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