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Cardiff riots morning after photos show incredible trail of destruction

NewsCardiff riots morning after photos show incredible trail of destruction

New pictures taken in the aftermath of the Cardiff riots last night show the scale of the devastation inflicted on the people of Ely, Cardiff. Police confirmed there was a “loss of life” in a collision that sparked the riots that ran into the early hours of the night. The incident “had already occurred when officers arrived” police also stated.

Shocking images show a trail of destruction wrought on local residents. At least two cars are now burned out shells and men in orange high visibility jackets have been seen trying to repair damage.

Broken glass and other debris litter the road, after the riot, which ran from 6pm into the early hours of the morning.

A disabled woman as said she is now “trapped” in her home, as her vehicle has been torched.

According to Wales Online, one resident, Connor, who lives on Highmead Road, said: “It’s been a mad night. This is not the norm around here but people are pretty anti-police and that’s reflected on both sides, not that that’s my opinion.

“Although we’ve been afflicted by this riot, I still understand it. When people have enough, this is what happens.”

On Tuesday morning, South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael told BBC Radio Wales: “My understanding is that there was a road traffic accident involving two teenagers on an off-road bike or scooter and sadly they died.

“That’s an incident obviously that is being investigated in its own right.

“And that appears to have sparked, for reasons that aren’t clear, the disorder that you’ve referred to in which something like a dozen officers were injured, fortunately none of them life threatening, and the connection between the two is far from clear.

“So obviously there’s going to be investigations going on this morning to try and establish what happened.”

He added: “It would appear that there were rumours, and those rumours became rife, of a police chase, which wasn’t the case.

“And I think it illustrates the speed with which rumours can run around with the activity that goes on on social media nowadays, and that events can get out of hand.”

He contined, by saying people will be “brought to account” for the violence.

He went on: “Obviously very frightening for local people. And there were a lot of calls to the police expressing concern about what was going on.

“Ely is an area which has a lot of deprivation, but it’s also a very warm community.

“I think what we have is an incident that involved some people and a proper investigation is needed to establish exactly what happened.”

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