Mexico high court mandates permits for personal pot use

US-Mexico border drug trade led by American smugglers The U.S.-Mexico border has been closed since March 2020 because of the pandemic and it’s not known when it will reopen. However, it’s forcing cartels to change their drug trafficking tactics as they’re now

After almost 20 years, US to leave Afghanistan's Bagram

For nearly 20 years, Bagram Airfield was the heart of American military power in Afghanistan, a sprawling mini-city behind fences and blast walls just an hour’s drive north of Kabul. Initially, it was a symbol of the U.S. drive to avenge the

Ethiopia declares immediate, unilateral cease-fire in Tigray

Ethiopia’s government declared an immediate, unilateral cease-fire Monday in its Tigray region after nearly eight months of deadly conflict as Tigray fighters occupied the regional capital and government soldiers retreated in a region where hundreds of thousands are suffering in the world’s

Militias fire rockets at US forces in Syria following airstrikes

American forces in Syria were attacked by multiple rockets Monday, officials said, following U.S. airstrikes targeting pro-Iranian militias in Syria and Iraq.  No injuries were reported and the damage was still being assessed, said Army Col. Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for Operation

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