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Charlene's not a 'polished Princess' – she's 'not afraid of experimenting with her hair'

NewsCharlene's not a 'polished Princess' - she's 'not afraid of experimenting with her hair'

Princess Charlene of Monaco is no stranger to switching up her hairstyle, and the royal has been on quite the journey with her locks as a result. Express.co.uk spoke to Nicole Petty, a hair expert at Milk + Blush about Charlene’s hairstyle and colour choices over the years.

Looking back at some of Charlene’s hairstyles, Nicole commented: “Her cuts have certainly been eclectic, and her different styles have often marked changes in her life.

“Charlene was a professional swimmer from 1999 to 2007, and in her early career, she maintained her natural blonde hair, which she kept mid-length, and sported a wispy blunt fringe.

“In the early days of her relationship with her now husband, Prince Albert of Monaco, she transitioned to more glamourous looks, often opting for elegant up-dos and she began to incorporate some cool-toned highlights into her mane.

“The Princess first cropped her hair in 2007 into a short bob but grew it out and wore her hair in a beautiful low chignon during her wedding to Prince Albert.

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“From 2012, she stuck to much shorter hairstyles, alternating between her now iconic platinum pixie cut, a blunt bob cut and fringe (summer 2020), as well as a unique ‘half-hawk’ with a shaved side (2020).

“More recently, she has kept her pixie style but returned to her natural hair colour, which features darker roots and blonde highlights and she has incorporated longer layers through the front of the style.

“Her look is far different from that of other royal family members, who are known to stick to more traditional haircuts, as she embraces trends where others avoid them,” the expert said.

In terms of what the most flattering cut and style Princess Charlene has opted for, Nicole spoke about the royal’s features: “Charlene has a heart-shaped face with a sharp jawline, high cheekbones, and a wide-set forehead.

“The shape of her face meant she was particularly well-suited to her 2015 long pixie cut. The style wonderfully complemented her features as the length perfectly accentuated her cheekbones and jawline whilst the layered side-swept bang softened the width of her forehead for a balanced look.

“The mixture of cool and warm tones in her hair also worked perfectly with the warm undertones of her skin and the slightly darker root makes her look much more girl-next-door and approachable than a polished princess.

“However, she is also well-suited to her iconic blonde pixie cut which she has sported several times, as it gives her an almost ethereal look that looks sophisticated and youthful.

“Her barely-there micro-bangs help to soften her forehead and add length and dimension to the face shape, whilst the bluntness of the cut drew attention towards her fabulously angular features.”

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The hair expert also discussed Princess Charlene’s shaved side and long fringe style that she chose in 2020.

“Many of us might have experimented with our hairstyles during lockdown, but Charlene’s bold choice was certainly a surprise and was something we’d never seen before from a royal family member anywhere,” she said.

“As we have seen from her hair evolution, she is not afraid of experimenting with her look, and it was great to see her have fun with her hairstyle.

“The Princess rocked the edgy ‘half-hawk’ style, which made a resurgence in 2020 as the punk look influenced many looks at the autumn fashion weeks that year, demonstrating her awareness of trends.

“By maintaining some length on the right side of her head which remained unshaven, she made sure the cut still worked for her face shape and features.”

More recently, Princess Charlene has not been keeping up her platinum blonde pixie cut, instead, having her dark roots grow out.

Whether Princess Charlene is purposely going back to her natural hair colour, Nicole commented: “Reverting to your natural hair colour can mean a number of things. It could be as simple as colour-correcting your hair after experimenting with different colours, looking for a low-maintenance colour, or looking to improve your hair’s condition.

“But much like a haircut, it can indicate an important change in your life, like a fresh start, personal growth, or a new attitude towards a specific aspect of your life.

“For Charlene, she has struggled for several years with her health and speculation about her marriage.

“Her decision to go back to her darker root colour may symbolise a return to her levels of confidence and the simplicity of her life before she became a royal,” she suggested.

And in terms of her style, Nicole said the “pixie style will likely be trimmed by a team of professionals regularly to maintain the shape and length of the cut.

Most short styles need to be trimmed every three to four weeks to maintain it, and Charlene’s longer layers will need this as just a small bit of hair growth can affect the look of her hair.

Her return to her natural root colour will minimise the need for regular colouring which she will have needed as a light blonde.

This may be the primary reason for embracing her brunette colour, but her blonde highlights which are subtly dispersed through the top of the cut may need a refresh every eight weeks or so, depending on how bright she aims to keep them.

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