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Charles 'is right to stand by Prince Harry' as expert says onus was on King to heal rift

NewsCharles 'is right to stand by Prince Harry' as expert says onus was on King to heal rift

King Charles needs to be the “bigger person” to heal the rift with Prince Harry, an expert has claimed. The King’s youngest son will return to the UK next month to attend the Coronation, marking the first time he has seen his father in-person since the release of his tell-all memoir and Netflix series. But Dr Max Pemberton advises parents to “keep the door open for their child after an estrangement”.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Dr Pemberton said the “onus” is on parents to be the “bigger person” and it doesn’t stop when children grow up and become adults.

He said: “I will gently tell them that, yes, it can be hard and they may find the idea humiliating or frustrating, or unfair.

“But, fundamentally, the onus is on them to be the bigger person because taking responsibility is what parents do and that doesn’t stop when kids become adults themselves.

“However, it’s a parent’s job to always ensure their child knows that, whatever has been said and whatever has happened, they are still there.”

He added that parents should still invite children to big events “even if the gesture goes unacknowledged”.

Following months of speculation, Buckingham Palace confirmed Prince Harry would attend the Coronation, while his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, stays home in California with their two children.

It has been reported that Meghan is staying home for several reasons, one being to celebrate Archie’s birthday, who turns four on the day of the Coronation.

The meeting will be the first time Harry has seen his father and brother since making several controversial allegations towards the Royal Family in his book.

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In the book he gave details of a physical altercation with his brother, claiming Prince William pushed him into a dog bowl.

The book, which came out at the start of 2023, has not provoked a response from the Royal Family who has remained silent in the face of its release.

Prince Harry made a surprise trip across the pond last month and turned up in London for a court case. Again, while the question was asked as to whether the prince would see with his father and brother, it’s understood a meeting never took place.

It was reported that Charles and William were “busy” and could not meet him.

While the prince has confirmed his attendance at the Coronation, in under a month’s time, it is unclear what role he will play. But, it’s understood Prince William will have a “significant” role.

Prince George, who is second in line to the throne, will also play a poignant role in the day as one of the eight Pages of Honour. He will form part of the procession through the Nave of Westminster Abbey.

Following the ceremony King Charles and Queen Camilla will be joined by senior working royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the first time.

Reports suggest the King will display a ‘slimmed-down Monarchy’ and has been “very clear” about who he wants to represent the Royal Family. The lineup is expected to include the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children, George, nine, Charlotte, seven and Louis, four.

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