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Charles preparing George to become King with 'tea parties' in his treehouse

NewsCharles preparing George to become King with 'tea parties' in his treehouse

Prince George knows all about his future role as monarch after learning about it around his seventh birthday in 2020, according to royal biographer Robert Lacey.

The now 10-year-old has been preparing for his job with “tear parties” in a treehouse with his grandfather, King Charles it has been claimed.

Royal author Robert Jobson explained George has an “important relationship” with Charles as his royal training is coming in a very non-formal manner.

He told Daily Express US: “I think that we’ve seen the fact that George’s page at the coronation, the fact that he’s, you’ve I felt for it because he looked like the little rabbit in the headlights, but he did a pretty good job he was there he was dressed up appropriately, holding on to that cloak.

“And when you’re a young kid, those sort of memories, he was live with him because he’s actually being part of a religious and state and religious ceremony that he’s going to be involved with, with his own father. And I mean, itself.

“So I think it’s important, I think that relationship between the king and George is gonna be very important, as was the relationship between the Queen and William, in guiding him about the next stages of what what is expected.

“Those plans are not happening in a formal way. You know, he’s a very loving guy. I think when you see the king publicly, he can look a bit austere and a bit distant.

“And a little bit as he I remember him saying to me, you know when I went around his garden looking at he said, ‘What do you think about it? And I was like it’s very different. He said, ‘what? eccentric?’ And he is, he’s an old English eccentric.

“But he is a very loving guy, and he, you know, he’s built this amazing treehouse for his grandkids and take them up there. And it’s an amazing experience to have cups of tea and little, you know, take tea parties in the end the tree has, so I think it’s gonna be a subtle management in terms of George, but the king knows, you know, the next 10 years is going to be here. Have to groom this guy readiness, readiness in case it’s his time comes.”

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