‘Common’ lawn mistakes to avoid this summer – ‘unnecessary stress’


‘Common’ lawn mistakes to avoid this summer – ‘unnecessary stress’

Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, explained how using the wrong mower is a common mistake many don’t know they’re m

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Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, explained how using the wrong mower is a common mistake many don’t know they’re making. The expert said: “Is your lawn even? Do you have objects to navigate around? The answer to those questions will determine the type of lawn mower you should be using. Cutting your lawn with the wrong mower can be detrimental to its health.

“There are two kinds of lawn mower: rotary and cylinder. A rotary mower is the most common and is the best choice if you have lots of objects to navigate around, if your garden is uneven, or your grass is long. 

“That’s because it has a big spinning blade underneath a chassis, which creates a hoover-like effect, sucking the grass up before chopping the tops off.

“The other option is a cylinder, a cylindrical shaped set of blades with a roller in front. The quality of the cut is generally much better, as the blades spin while chopping off the top of the grass, all while creating stripes with the roller.”

Carlos said they are ideal for those wanting a “low mow”.

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The gardening expert said at least once a week is good for those with a tight schedule.

He added: “Your grass will grow quicker in the summer, and it’s better to cut little and often than all at once.

“In general, you shouldn’t take off more than one third of the height in a single mow, as this will put the plant under unnecessary stress, and it may discolour if you overdo it.

“Remember to adjust your blade height as necessary, and if you have a desired height, it’s best to be patient, it may take a couple of mows to get there.”

While everyone wants a beautifully striped lawn, Carlos recommended varying the mowing pattern you use because it can be good for the lawn.

The expert explained: “It’s good for your lawn over time as it means you’re not repeatedly forcing the grass to bend in one particular direction.

“Instead, one week start at the top of your garden and finish at the bottom and alternate it the mow after.

“This will make the stripes look slightly different, and result in stronger and more resilient grass over time.”

Gardeners should also clean their mowers after use as a build-up of clippings can result in the mower overheating.

This can result in it breaking down, an expensive mistake to make.

Carlos said: “This common mistake is an expensive one to make for something that would only take you a couple of minutes at the end of each mow.

“Mowing your lawn should be a regular job in the summer months, and with these simple steps you should have a luscious, healthy lawn in no time.”