Constipation relief: Five foods to cure constipation – and the five foods you should avoid

However, some foods are particularly renowned for relieving constipation.

Here are five of the best foods for constipation.


Prunes are probably the best-known remedy for constipation, with both prunes and prune juice being credited with relieving constipation.

Prunes contain high levels of insoluble fibre, which adds water and bulk to your poo.

In addition, prunes are high in a sugar substance called sorbitol. This is difficult for your body to absorb, prompting the need to poo.

A study showed eating 100 grams of prunes daily “significantly” improved regular bowel habits.


Apples, particularly with the skin left on, are also naturally high in fibre.

Granny Smith apples are particularly rich in fibre, compared to other varieties.

Apples are high in a substance called pectin, which in the gut is rapidly fermented to create short-chain fatty acids.

Short-chain fatty acids help bring more water into your bowel, which helps to soften the poo and help it pass.

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