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Coronation 'huge moment' for William and George to showcase Firm's future

NewsCoronation 'huge moment' for William and George to showcase Firm's future

Prince William and his son Prince George will take centre stage during King Charles’ Coronation next month. Emily Nash, Royal Editor of Hello! Magazine, told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat that the Coronation ceremony is deliberately being planned to showcase the “future of the monarchy”. She said that the event will mark a breakthrough moment for the Wales family.

With the Coronation fast approaching on May 6, Charles is hoping to send a message about a newly slimmed-down monarchy.

Ms Nash explained: “We all know that the Wales children stole the show to an extent at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, particularly Louis.

“I think we’re all looking forward to some of those facial expressions!

“This is a huge moment for the Wales family, both for William, who is going to go through a coronation of his own, but also George.”

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The royal expert added: “What an experience, to see his grandpa crowned King.

“He’s taking part in the ceremony as well, then returning to the Palace through this crowd of people, surrounded by all these soldiers, it’s going to be a huge moment for them.”

George, who will turn 10 in July, will act as one of the King’s Pages of Honour at Westminster Abbey.

It is understood that William and Kate are preparing their eldest son for his role at the Coronation.

Although holding no official roles, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are expected to participate in the regal procession.

The Mirror’s Royal Editor Russell Myers echoed Ms Nash’s claim about the Coronation showcasing the future monarchy.

He said that the balcony guest list in particular will be much smaller than on previous occasions.

Mr Myers told True Royalty TV: “It will be just the working members of the family. I think the reason the King is going to do that is to say ‘thank you’ to the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Kents, but also to show what the future is about as well.”

He continued: “That was very important to the Queen during her Platinum Jubilee too.

“This is my ‘thank you to the nation’, but also this is the future of the monarchy.

“We hear this phrase banded around quite a lot, about a ‘slimmed down monarchy’.

“But it’ll be even more slimmed down for that balcony moment because if you imagine the Gloucesters and certainly the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra will step away from public life quite soon after this transition has happened.”

While William’s brother Harry has confirmed he will attend his father’s Coronation service, he is not expected to carry out any official role.

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