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Coronation LIVE: Almost half of realms would vote to ditch Charles as King –nightmare poll

NewsCoronation LIVE: Almost half of realms would vote to ditch Charles as King –nightmare poll

The upcoming Coronation doesn’t appear to be warming people to the monarchy in the overseas realms, as a bombshell poll is suggesting nearly half of the nations currently recognising King Charles as head of state would vote to become a republic if a referendum was held tomorrow. Research by Lord Ashcroft, the former Conservative deputy chairman, suggested Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Solomon Islands, and Antigua and Barbuda may be a source of concern for the King. Of the 11,251 total people surveyed across 14 countries between February and March, 42 percent of Australians said they were for a republic, while 35 percent said they would vote against it.

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In Canada, a nation King Charles and Queen Camilla visited only last year, 47 percent of those polled said they would choose the republican system over the monarchy, while 23 percent said they would retain Charles as their monarch.

In Jamaica, 49 percent of those polled spoke in favour of a republic while 40 percent said to be pro-monarchy, a result perhaps unsurprising after Prime Minister Andrew Holness warned the Prince and Princess of Wales in March 2022 his country would consider his future independence.

Opinions appeared more split in Antigua and Barbuda, the poll suggested, as 47 percent of respondents said they would vote in favour of a republic against 45 percent spoke for the monarchy.

The Bahamas, another country visited by Kate and Prince William last year as part of their tour of the Caribbean, appears to be particularly in favour of an elected head of state, with 51 percent against 27 percent favouring the republic.

Similarly, 59 percent of those polled in the Solomon Islands said they would vote for a republic if a referendum was held tomorrow, against 34 percent speaking in favour of the monarchy.

Nearly all the respondents, the survey showed, agreed that the Royal Family “needs to modernise in order to have any chance of surviving”.

Considering the survey, Lord Ashcroft said these nations seemingly keen towards republicanism aren’t necessarily totally won by the argument for republics, with some citing worries about the risks of possible corruption and dictatorship coming with the system.

Lord Ashcroft also said that while it is for these countries to decide if they want to become republics, “there is a fine line between not campaigning and not seeming to care”.


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