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Couple left petrified after being photobombed by 'spirit of dead soldier' at restaurant

NewsCouple left petrified after being photobombed by 'spirit of dead soldier' at restaurant

But when they looked back at the photographs, the pair saw there was another guest in the images.

Ross, 35, took the photograph with Georgia, 26, and believes the ghost is of a dead “military man in uniform”.

Bristol-based Ross said the photograph even left staff at the restaurant “spooked”.

He added the employees claimed to have “never seen anything like it before”.

According to LADBIBLE, Ross said: “I had taken one or two photos that my partner wasn’t happy with so I took another, this was the picture that when we looked at it revealed what looks like a ghost in the background.

“I think the ghostly figure looks like some sort of ex-military man with broad shoulders in uniform looking over the shoulder of me or my partner.”

He also noted that you could make out “a spine and ribs”, while the figure also wore a headband or hat.

After leaving the restaurant, they showed family and friends who were equally perplexed.

He added: “[Georgia’s] family thought I had doctored the photo but then realised that’s impossible given the time in between taking it and showing them.

“I have absolutely no explanation for what it is that’s behind us.”

He concluded: “I have shown various people and posted on various sites and only ever get the same response, that it’s the most insane ghost picture ever captured on camera.

“My partner is still baffled by the photo, as is the whole family. It comes up in jokes all the time with people mimicking the ghostly figure.”

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