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Cruel teen caught slamming elderly Walgreens worker's head into concrete path

NewsCruel teen caught slamming elderly Walgreens worker's head into concrete path

A video has captured the moment a cruel teenager throws punches at a Walgreens worker in her 60s.

In the clip, a woman knocks the elderly worker to the ground, then hits her repeatedly.

Authorities told the station the employee hit her head on the concrete walkway during the attack.

And, the shocking clip shows the end of the assault, officers said.

Police in Independence, Missouri, are now looking for two teenagers for the assault at the store off 39th Street and Noland Road.

WDAF, citing a police report, said the two teenagers entered the store with another youngster and an adult.

But one of the two, seen without sunglasses entering the Walgreens, had apparently snatched a pair on their way out.

The Walgreens employee noted to police that she told the adult in the group to pay for the sunglasses, but the woman refused.

Shortly after, the teens then returned to the shop, when one grabbed a Sprite and sprayed it in the employee’s face.

The employee said when she blocked the soda, one teen hit her before the other joined in.

Independence police spokesman Jack Taylor told WDAF: “I was shocked to see something like that.

“It’s kind of disturbing to watch.”

Officers said the Walgreens employee is thankfully alright but wants to press charges.

In May, a retired NYPD officer working as a Walgreens security guard alleged he was wrongfully charged with assault after he took down an alleged shoplifter.

Salvatore Lopiccolo, 50, was seen on cellphone footage wrestling with another man over a canvas bag packed with allegedly stolen food on March 30.

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