Currys PS5 VIP codes sent TODAY: Check your emails now for chance to buy PlayStation 5

PS5 stock hunters need to check their emails today, with Currys sending out a fresh batch of PS5 VIP codes to customers that had previously registered.

Unlike other retailers, Currys holds a draw where codes are sent to customers that are hoping to purchase a PS5.

This helps avoid a huge rush to purchase the PS5, but on the flip side means whether you get picked and receive a VIP code is up to chance.

The latest batch of PS5 Currys codes was sent out this afternoon, with the @PS5StockAlertUK Twitter account alerting its followers.

The account tweeted: “Curry’s PC World has sent out a new batch of PS5 VIP codes!

“Check your emails. Disc Edition consoles only. In-store pre-orders only via VIP code. Must redeem before 19th October.”

More to follow…

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