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Dad finds 'massive' 7ft octopus on UK beach and cooks it in a stir fry

NewsDad finds 'massive' 7ft octopus on UK beach and cooks it in a stir fry

A 40-year-old father has found an enormous octopus on a Devon beach while out fishing with his young daughter Lauren. The pair were shocked at the find, with the massive sea creature measuring out to be larger than the young daughter. The massive 7ft octopus has since been cooked into a stir fry as the family enjoys the large feast paired with teriyaki sauce and chopped up veg.

Come Dine With Me winner Ziggy Austin found the large sea creature on Monday on the beach in Hopes Nose near Torquay, Devon.

The octopus measures to nearly 7ft and it was so large when he first saw it he thought it was a fishing net.

The father added that he believed the head was chomped off by a seal, leaving the rest of the body intact.

Mr Austin put the cephalopod in ice so his family could make the most of the creature by eating it bit by bit.

His family has already enjoyed some by marinating it in teriyaki sauce and serving with stir fried vegetables.

The father explained: “I was out fighting with my daughter and I spotted what looked like an abandoned fisherman’s net.

“Then it started sort of moving a bit, so I climbed down to the water’s edge to take a look. That’s when a wave came in and rolled it over – and then I saw the suckers.

“It’s absolutely not normal to see an octopus that size. I’ve been a man of the sea all my life, and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was larger than my daughter.

“I knew straight away that I had to try and get hold of it, so I used the end of my fishing rod to sort of reach into the water and tangle it around the octopus to pull it out.

“When we got the behemoth up onto the rock, we stretched it out we could see that a seal had bitten the head clean off the top.

“I’m not sure how big an octopus’ head is compared to the rest of its body, but it must have been massive with the head on too. It just had its eyes left.”

Rock Solid Coasteering’s owner, Mr Austin shared a video on his YouTube channel featuring a massive sea creature that he had captured from his residence in Maidencombe, Torquay.

Being a passionate sea life enthusiast and scientist, he also recorded the process of dissecting the creature to reveal its beak and other distinctive characteristics.

The father, who won the Torquay edition of Come Dine With Me in 2014, has already tested out his skills at cooking the massive sea creature.

He even added that with the enormous size, he has given away “a leg or two” to friends.

He added: “I had some of its last night, it was delicious. After I caught it loads of people around Hopes Nose were giving me advice on how to cook it.

“On the advice of one gentleman, I simmered it for 45 minutes and then marinated it in teriyaki sauce and served with stir fried veg.

“The rest of it is on ice, I’m hoping to make the most out of it. I could never kill such an amazing creature – but it shouldn’t be wasted.

“I’ve had friends messaging me asking for pieces, so I’ve given away a leg or two.”

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