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Dad ‘killed by wife with poisoned Moscow Mule’ left chilling warning note with family

NewsDad ‘killed by wife with poisoned Moscow Mule’ left chilling warning note with family

A dad allegedly killed by his wife with a poisoned Moscow Mule cocktail told his family “if anything happened to him, she was to blame” in a chilling warning note.

Eric Richins had long suspected his wife Kouri, an author of a book on grief, may attempt to harm him, warrants say, but stayed with his family because of their three young children.

Mr Richins was so concerned, he even left a note for his family with requests to keep an eye on his wife were he to disappear or die, court documents show.

In a police search warrant filed in connection with Kouri’s arrest, authorities said Mr Richins told his family that “if anything happened to him, she was to blame”

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Mr Richins was so worried that he left instructions for his family if he disappeared or was “detained under duress” in a Living Trust and Estate document.

The document, signed and written without Kouri’s knowledge in 2020, saw Mr Richins make Katie Richins-Benson – his older sister – a trustee to his estate.

Among the terms of the document included Ms Richins-Benson taking over the estate under the circumstances of “detention, disappearance or absence”.

Mr Richins’ sister told the authorities that on one holiday, Kouri “gave Mr Ritchins a drink, and he became violently ill”, according to a court document filed by the police said.

After the incident, Mr Ritchins called Ms Richins-Benson to inform her of what had happened.

Then, on Valentine’s Day in 2022, Mr Richins was again convinced of how his wife was trying to end his life.

Authorities were also told: “His wife brought him a sandwich, which after one bite Mr Richins broke into hives and couldn’t breathe. He used his son’s epi-pen as well as Benadryl before passing out for several hours.”

Greg Skordas, the family’s lawyer and spokesperson, said that Mr Richins “thought she was trying to kill him. And in retrospect, he appears to have been right”.

But Mr Richins remained with his wife of 10 years all before of his children, Mr Skordas said as he “lived for his three boys”. But sadly he “died for them too”.

The lawyer added: “Mr Richins was considering divorce at the time he died. It was something he and Kouri had both discussed. They had argued over financial issues and both appeared to be a little more realistic about that prospect.

“The sad truth is he was worth more to Kouri dead than divorced.”

This week Kouri was arrested and charged with her husband’s murder, more than a year after he died on March 4, 2022.

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