David Baddiel among comics recording hilarious song to raise money for NHS

Simon Brodkin, the comic also known as Lee Nelson, gathered 30 of his peers together to record a lighthearted song and raise money for the NHS. The song features some of the UK’s most famous comedians, including Harry Hill, Miranda Hart and David Baddiel. Baddiel is currently at number 22 in the UK singles chart for his Three Lions hit with fellow comic Frank Skinner. The song is riding high on the back of England’s Euro 2020 successes.

Sharing the new song on Twitter for the first time today, Mr Brodkin asked for donations to NHS Charities by purchasing the track.

He said: “I got 30 brilliant comedians together and recorded a song to raise money for the NHS.

“Please download & donate at: www.StandUpNHS.com @NHSCharities #CantWait #StandUpNHS.”

The song’s lyrics flippantly discuss life after lockdown by mentioning the things we love to hate about “normal” life, such as it taking ages to get served at a busy bar or being shoved in a crowded place.

Writing on the Stand Up NHS website, Mr Brodkin said: “Six months ago, in the midst of a lockdown, with all live comedy having ground to a halt and my tour postponed for a third time, I had a fun idea: what if a bunch of stand-up comedians got together over Zoom and recorded a song for the NHS?”

“Partly inspired by Captain Tom, partly motivated by guilt (I was a doctor before I became a comedian and left the NHS years ago) and partly because taking on a big project would be a great way of getting out of homeschooling my kids, I reached out to the very funny musical comedians Huge Davies and Bennet Kavanagh and together we wrote ‘Can’t Wait!’.

“A fun, silly celebration of everything we were missing about normal life.”

After sharing the song online, hundreds of people shared their thoughts on the fundraising effort.

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One said: “Well done mate. Smashing. Quite the ear worm too!”

A second said: “Firstly… I donated! But… when did the NHS become a charity?”

Another said: “Wow! This is brilliant … Well done to Simon and all involved!”

A fourth added: “OK fine, but not sure of the timing. With the UK Gov about to open everything up and expecting 50-100k cases a day by the end of the month. This does seem to be supporting the insanity of getting rid of masks. Otherwise all great, support the NHS.”

The song, titled Can’t Wait!, is available on iTunes for 99p.

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