DIY weed killer: How to remove weeds between pavers with just two ingredients

Any gardener will come across stubborn weeds at some point, with paving stones, lawns and flowerbeds easy prey for unwanted weeds. Dandelions, daisies, nettles and yarrow can wreak havoc and look unsightly in your garden – spreading rapidly.

Prying the weeds from the roots can take a lot of time and energy, however, there are easy homemade weed killers which will save you both time and money.

Depending on where the weeds are in your garden, you can make an effective weed killer and get rid of those pesky plants.

You just need household items and a bucket or spray bottle – and you’ll be rid of weeds in no time.

So read on for easy methods for getting rid of weeds depending on where they are in your garden.

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2. Water and salt

Combining water and salt can be an effective weedkiller as it dehydrates them.

Simply mix one-part household table salt to two or three parts water and either pour or spray over problem areas.

Again, this can kill your plants so be careful where you use this.

Salt is also damaging for the soil’s pH so perhaps only use this mixture between paving stones, on driveways and any paths.

3. Washing up liquid and water

If you have moss spreading across your lawn, or on fences and walls in your garden, try this washing up liquid and water mixture.

You need to mix 60ml of dish soap with four-and-a-half litres of water.

Add to a spray bottle and go to town on the moss on a dry day, so make sure there is no rain forecast.

This will make the moss turn browny orange, and you can then take a rake and remove from your lawn or scrub it from your walls or fences.

4. Baking soda

For those pesky weeds growing between paths, paving stones and driveways you can use baking soda.

Simply moisten the area in question with a hose or watering can and then sprinkle baking soda over the weeds.

You can sweep any spilt baking soda into the cracks to make sure weeds are covered.

This should kill off the weeds, but if you need to reapply wait between four to six weeks.

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