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Dramatic moment 7 foot shark comes into shore on Majorca beach

NewsDramatic moment 7 foot shark comes into shore on Majorca beach

This is the dramatic moment a near-seven-foot shark comes into shore at a beach in Majorca. The big fish, believed to be a tintorera or blue shark, was filmed in the surf at a popular beach on the southeast coast of the island called Cala Llombards. The footage of it in shallow water showed it was obviously disorientated.

A Spanish woman watched it as its tell-tale fin appeared above the water’s surface and it headed towards the shoreline in the clear water before nearly beaching on the sand.

She could be overheard saying as it was knocked on its side in the swallow water and thrashed its tail around in a bid to get back out to sea: “This one is going to end up getting stuck here.

“We have to get it out of the water, it’s going to stay where it is.”

Its efforts eventually paid off and it was filmed swimming back out to deeper water before disappearing. 

Its whereabouts was not immediately clear .The shark sighting occurred on Sunday.

Although the sun was out there didn’t appear to be too many people on the beach at the time.

Last May, a similar sized-shark, also believed to be a tintorera, was spotted swimming in the water at a popular Ibiza bathing spot.

Locals and holidaymakers took video footage of the big fish near rocks by Calo des Moro, a cove in the urban area of the party resort of San Antonio.

And earlier the same month lifeguards issued an urgent warning for bathers to get out of the water after a shark circled a beach in Majorca.

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In August 2018 tourists fled the sea in panic after a blue shark, among the most common in Spain, appeared off the packed Majorcan beach of Calas de Majorca on the island’s east coast.

Cala Llombards is a stunning cove beach close to the town of Santanyi.

It is only around 180ft long but stretches nearly 500ft back to the pine trees and bushes behind it.

The secluded beach is surrounded by steep cliffs and rocky areas, as well as pine trees and scrubs.

The water is usually calm, making it ideal for swimming with children and it is also a popular spot for snorkelers because of the crystal clear water.

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