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Drivers forced to abandon vehicles as they are stuck for hours in multi-storey car park

NewsDrivers forced to abandon vehicles as they are stuck for hours in multi-storey car park

Hundreds of exasperated drivers were stuck for as a long as three hours in a multi-storey car park gridlock nightmare in Wales.

Some furious motorists caught up in the Saturday evening chaos abandoned their cars as St David’s car park, in Cardiff, ground to a near standstill.

Tempers flared with some people shouting and swearing at the lengthy delays, one woman who was waiting two hours to leave said.

The situation saw people complaining that they had been queuing for hours with very little movement. Nicola Warrick, her partner and children had come from Caerphilly to Cardiff to celebrate her son’s ninth birthday.

They said they gave up plans to visit their grandparents to end the day with birthday cake because they got stuck in the traffic jam for so long. The family were marooned inside their car on the seventh story of the car park.

There were similar scenes at the 2,000 space car park during the busy Easter bank holiday. That gridlock was blamed on heavy congestion.

Mrs Warrick said people were told the huge delay had been caused by roadworks in Cardiff city centre, telling WalesOnline: “We got here at 4.30pm and we are still here (at 6.30pm).”

Mrs Warrick added the family had moved the length of three cars in around an hour and a half and he said she would never park at St David’s again.

Rhys Griffiths, 35, and his partner had enjoyed a meal in the city centre and got back to their car on the seventh storey around 4.50pm.

But they didn’t manage to get out of the car park for about three and a half hours and finally got home back to Ammanford around 10.30pm.

Mr Griffiths said: “The first two hours, we literally moved three car lengths…you had people coming back to their cars and trying to join into the queue, which was then causing the queue to go stagnant.

“It was frustrating, very frustrating – and there was no communication at all. We didn’t know what was going on and what the cause of it was. There were people there with children – young children – and it was even worse for them.”

According to WalesOnline St David’s responded saying they were “really sorry” and addressed complaints on Twitter by explaining the gridlock was due to city centre being “much busier than usual and all the traffic is making it difficult for cars to leave”.

They added that they had contacted traffic management to assist.

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