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Duchess Sophie ‘adds subtle maternal touch’ to ‘poignant’ outing with Prince William

NewsDuchess Sophie ‘adds subtle maternal touch’ to ‘poignant’ outing with Prince William

Judi claimed this joint engagement was “poignant” because it reignited memories about the late Princess of Wales.

She opined: “William never got to make appearances like this with his mother Diana and we never got to see Diana gazing in public pride at her adult son.

“Sophie seems to be trying to add a subtle maternal touch to this outing and, with William’s smiles of undisguised delight, it seems to be making a very sweet dynamic here.”

According to the body language expert, the Prince and Princess of Wales are “perfect” regarding their engagements, but William’s outing with Sophie was a lovely surprise.

Judi claimed: “William and Kate make a perfect body language combination as a couple, with constant mirroring and synchronised movement.

“But this proud mother/delighted son look from Sophie and William seems to be something William deserves too, especially after the dramas of the last couple of years.”

The Duchess of Edinburgh appeared “enthusiastic”, according to Judi, and William was also “genuinely happy”.

Judi suggested: “There is an air of energy, enthusiasm and even excitement from Sophie as she walks next to her nephew and chats as they get out of the car and William seems to find it contagious.

“Sophie watches his face closely and her beaming smile does make her look like an encouraging, proud mum.

“William’s smiles are often puckered when he is working but his smiles here are especially so, suggesting he’s genuinely happy in his aunt’s company.

“He looks so comfortable in the parent/child dynamic too, waiting for his aunt to emerge from the car and over-straightening his tie as she smiles at him.

“William even appeared to be basking in the look of happy pride she throws at him as he greets their hosts.”

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