E10 fuel changes: Petrol station forced to turn drivers away – 'no more until October'

A supermarket petrol station in Tiverton in Devon has run out of unleaded fuel. Because of this, motorists face a wait for its return to the pumps there.

Another petrol station in the town heard about the issue, with staff concerned they would not be able to refill.

However, their pumps were cleaned and filled up when the UK moved over to E10 and have been supplying it for several weeks.

This is one of the first instances seen with petrol stations having issues with E10 fuel since its introduction in September.

Drivers on social media have been critical of the new petrol with various issues.

“People seeing three to six MPG less… so a fairly significant number.

“But hey, it was known, just kept quiet by the Government.”

The new E10 petrol can marginally impact fuel economy, generally around one percent.

The Government said this is unlikely to be noticeable in everyday driving.

Additional reporting from Ami Wyllie.

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