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Eerie abandoned ‘car farm’ found with rare 1970s gems including Lotuses and helicopter

NewsEerie abandoned ‘car farm’ found with rare 1970s gems including Lotuses and helicopter

A group of urban explorers have shared images of a derelict car farm filled with rare 1970s gems including Lotuses and a helicopter. The group, known as Urbexcr, shared images of the dilapidated property and the treasures that hide beneath its bushes.

Urbexcr is a group known for regularly seeking out eerie locations and documenting their findings. However, the group never reveal the exact locations of their findings which are kept top secret.

All of the windows of the derelict property are reportedly loosely bricked up and holes litter the exposed brick walls.

The group allege that the farmhouse was “completely destroyed” and burst with retro jewels such as an old Citroen 2CV.

However, more exotic treasures were also found in the fields surrounding the farmhouse.

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A Lotus Eclat was found sitting underneath a tree and surprisingly clean while a 1980 Talbot Samba was found in relatively good condition compared to the other vehicles lying in the undergrowth.

It isn’t yet clear who left the vehicles in the field or why there are so many of them.

Often when people find vehicles such as the Citroen locked away in barns or buildings, this is known as a barn find.

It was announced recently that a collection of 230 abandoned classic cars found in a shed in Holland was going up for auction. The collection has been referred to as one of Europe’s biggest barn finds.

According to reports, a man known only as “Mr Palmen” has been collecting cars for 40 years and storing his finds across two buildings and a church.

Despite the fact the vehicles are covered in a thick layer of dust, they are considered to be in good condition.

Mr Palmen would allegedly add to the collection and regularly start the engines to prevent them from seizing as well as do all the maintenance on the vehicles.

However, while time hasn’t caught up with the cars, Mr Palmen has decided due to circumstances and older age to sell the collection.

The Dutch auction house Gallery Aaldering, which now owns the collection, said in a statement: “This is truly a unique opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors around the world to expand their collection…and we are very pleased to be able to auction these cars through Classic Car Auctions and look forward to seeing how much interest there is in this wonderful collection.”

The collection includes an array of European exotica from brands both current and extinct.

Going under the hammer will be cars such as the Triumph TR2, Facel Vegas, Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ, a Lancia Aurelia Spider, and an array of other high-end metal from Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, and Ferrari.

It is unknown why Mr Palmen started the collection.

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