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‘Electric cars have ruined our lives and we want them gone from our town’

News‘Electric cars have ruined our lives and we want them gone from our town’

Residents of a town in North Yorkshire have said electric cars are ruining their lives and they want them gone from their town.

Locals in Knaresborough have claimed that electric cars have turned their area into a ghost town because of the rise in parking spaces for the vehicles.

As a result, residents with petrol and diesel cars are finding it increasingly difficult to find places to park.

The controversy comes after 10 electric car-only parking spaces were installed last year, outraging locals.

Nearly a year on, the local community has had enough and is fighting back against the local council.

Speaking to the Sun, hairdresser Kelly Tiggin said the town was suffering because of the electric car parking spaces.

She said: “These bays are still not being used. They are still empty and the town is suffering.

“Everyone is absolutely fuming. Businesses have had enough and are talking about legal action.

“The whole idea of this is to stop pollution yet people are driving round and round Knaresborough to park and then leaving. It’s insane.”

Ms Tiggin isn’t the only outraged local. Butcher Emma Brierley said Knaresborough was losing tens of parking spaces because of electric cars.

She said: “There’s not the need at the moment for that many. We already lose parking spaces on market day because of the market so with this on top, we are 30 or 40 spaces down.”

In a statement, the local council said more than 100 charging bays were being installed across the Harrogate district to help it achieve a net-zero carbon economy by 2038.

They said around 20 electric car chargers would be installed in Knaresborough and that they were confident petrol and diesel car drivers would be able to find places to park.

The council said: “More than 20 chargers will be installed in Knaresborough, including Chapel Street car park which is already being used by both residents and visitors alike.

“These bays, which are for EV charging only, account for less than three per cent of the more than 800 spaces available in Knaresborough, so we are confident that non-EV drivers will still be able to find a space in one of the six car parks in the market town.

“There is also plenty of on-street disc parking across the town.”

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