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Elephant on the loose 'heads to supermarket' after escaping from the circus

NewsElephant on the loose 'heads to supermarket' after escaping from the circus

Drivers in the southern Italian region of Calabria couldn’t believe their eyes as they spotted an elephant roaming the streets.

An incredible clip shared on Twitter shows the animal walking on the tarmac of the SS18 road in Amantea, a town in the Cosenza province.

Dutifully remaining on the right-hand side of the road, the elephant could be seen turning right, seemingly heading towards a local supermarket called Eurospin.

A driver who filmed the animal on the loose could not contain his laughter in front of the bizarre scene.

In the brief clip, he could be heard saying while cracking up: “He is going for a stroll! An elephant at the Eurospin!”

Prior to being spotted on the road, the elephant had been seen on the beach, local media reported.

The elephant, it later emerged, had escaped from the travelling Moira Orfei circus which had been visiting the area this week, Italian daily Il Messaggero wrote.

The heads of the circus were quick to track down the animal and bring it back to their base.

The polite giant didn’t harm anybody nor create any damage during his stroll.

The elephant’s stroll took hold of social media for several hours, with many taking to Twitter to share their amusement.

One social media user, Matteo Capponi, joked: “Calabria, an elephant on the road. It’s true that in August everybody leaves for the holidays!”

Another social media user called Ierardi F. Interista wrote: “Calabria offers natural landscapes… hurray for the free elephant, roaming and carefree!”

Other users, on the other hand, shared their aversion to the use of animals in circuses, with one called Elaisafrenk writing: “Enough with animals in circuses!”

Another, Fogliaviola, protested: “How can you have fun while watching a being caged forever and forced to play tricks for you?”

This isn’t the first time people living in the area spot animals not belonging to the natural habitat.

In January, a few ostriches were seen running through Campora San Giovanni, a town not far from Amantea.

Unlike the elephant, they hadn’t run away from a circus but from a farm.

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