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End of Spotify deal dismissed as 'bump in the road' for Meghan as new contracts on the way

NewsEnd of Spotify deal dismissed as 'bump in the road' for Meghan as new contracts on the way

Ms Du Noyer told Express.co.uk: “When viewed within the larger framework of their multiple commercial endeavours – including a substantial deal with Netflix and Harry’s contract with Penguin Books – this recent development seems less a major setback and more a bump in the road.”

She also pointed out that the dismissal could also be a redirection for the couple, rather than be seen as a complete withdrawal.

She said: “It is noteworthy that the couple’s representatives have mentioned the development of more content for the Archetypes audience on another platform, suggesting an agile pivot rather than a withdrawal from the podcasting realm.”

Speaking of the success of the series, she added that it “demonstrated [Meghan and Harry’s] ability to engage a global audience, bridging the gap between celebrity culture and meaningful discourse on societal issues”.

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Ms Du Noyer also suggested that the termination of the contract could also be a redirection for Spotify and other podcasting companies.

She added: “[It] suggests that the platform is reconsidering its investment in star-led projects.

“This could potentially signal a shift in the podcasting industry. The emphasis may move away from celebrity-led content towards an increased focus on quality of content and the unique value it offers to listeners.”

Meghan launched Archetypes last year and featured a host of famous female celebrities and well-known friends as guests on the show.

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The episodes, which were released weekly, showed Meghan and her guest discussing the history of stereotypes that affect women.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also still have deals with Netflix and Penguin Random House.

The couple’s Netfix docuseries, simply titled ‘Harry and Meghan’, was released last December and Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare was published back in January.

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