Escape to the Chateau: Dick Strawbridge's gardening tips from stunning French castle

The family have given a look at the garden with pictures shared on social media.

One video shows Dick planting wild garlic on a vast plot of land looking onto the Chateau.

He shared a quick insight into his gardening in the video. 

The TV personality was asked: “Will that grow into lots of wild garlic forever?”

To which he confirmed: “Yes.”


He has previously gave tips for growing mint and saying, if done right, it should only ever be bought once. 

“First thing I’m putting in is a mint. You should only ever have to buy mint once,” he said.

“It lasts forever and it spreads like a weed.

“If I was to take this out and plant it in here, two years from now there would just be mint and it would be a real pain in the neck.”

The couple have given a glimpse of their garden through a selection of pictures.

Another snap taken in the garden showed Dick standing among a wave of greenery.

The area was brightened up by a selection of white, purple, pink and red flowers.

The garden was surrounded by lots of trees giving privacy to the section of the home.

One more picture highlighted a Magnolia growing in a field in front of the entrance to the property.

The caption read: “Chateau de la Motte Husson is starting to bloom and is gradually being filled with colour!”

In another picture, the couple shared a snap of the dirt road which leads out of the home.

There were patches of grass and flowers next to the moat.

The colourful flowers were not just reserved for the grass, however.

The TV favourites posted a picture of their Orangery which can be found in the garden area.

It had purple Wisteria growing up the side of the bar.

The snap was captioned: “How beautiful does The Orangery look adorned with branches upon branches of Wisteria? Truly magical!”

Dick has previously shared gardening tips on social meida. 

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