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Expert claims Kate & William are 'out of their comfort zone' but show 'resilience' on tube

NewsExpert claims Kate & William are 'out of their comfort zone' but show 'resilience' on tube

Kate Middleton, 41, and Prince William, 40, visited the Dog and Duck pub in Soho on Thursday where they displayed “relaxed” body language, according to body language specialist Darren Stanton. However, the expert also claimed the royal couple were “put out of their comfort zone”.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren said: “Kate and William appeared absolutely comfortable whilst travelling on the London Underground.

“They obviously aren’t used to travelling on public transport, however from a non-verbal perspective, they were both perfectly relaxed.

“Kate was sitting with her hands on her lap, with no signs of anxiety or negative emotions. She appeared genuinely happy and comfortable.

“Likewise, with William, there were no flashes of any other emotion that seem to contradict that he was nothing but comfortable to be on public transport, which is slightly out of the couple’s comfort zone.

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“They came over as super relaxed and confident during the event. Kate and William are both very resilient people who have battled a lot of hardships – both personally and publicly.”

According to the expert, Kate also made a statement with her red coat from Eponine London.

Darren explained: “The most significant thing about Kate is that she was wearing her superhero colour of red. She usually wears this colour when she wants to make a striking, bold entrance.

“Not from a sense of arrogance, but it’s a colour that she’s drawn to when she wants to create a statement of personal power.”

“It appears nothing is too much for the pair and they will happily get involved in anything.

“They are clearly happy to go with the flow, unlike other members of the Royal Family who stick to strict protocols. This demonstrates their willingness and ability to be amongst the people in the future.”

According to Darren, Kate and William are set to become the “most successful monarchs”.

He opined: “With just days to go until the Coronation, Kate and William appear very relaxed and unfazed by the proceedings.

“I did not spot any signs of anxiety or worry about the upcoming events. In fact, they have every confidence that everything is going to go without a hitch and everything is in hand. 

“Whatever the situation is on the day, it’s not going to faze the couple’s emotions or ability to perform their duties. Certainly in the last few years and since the passing of the Queen, William and Kate’s popularity is at an all-time high.

“People now see that the pair are more relatable than ever. For example, Kate was seen taking selfies with the public and appeared extremely tactile as she greeted staff at the venue.

“There aren’t many royals who engage with the public in the same manner, whereas Kate and William were happy to do so. Overall, this is the new baseline for the pair. They are totally relatable and will probably be the most successful monarchs that there ever were.”

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