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Expert claims to spot Harry's 'genuine' gesture in engagement photo – 'you can't fake it'

NewsExpert claims to spot Harry's 'genuine' gesture in engagement photo - 'you can't fake it'

Body language expert Jesus Enrique Rosas analysed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s engagement portrait taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski, a black and white photograph where Meghan and Harry are standing in the garden at Frogmore Cottage, and the meaning behind their gestures.

On his YouTube channel The Body Language Guy, one follower asked the expert: “Jesus, is this engagement photo as awkward and uncomfortable as it seems to be?”

He commented that the first impression he had is that “they were a bit off balance” but he didn’t quite understand “why”.

He observed: “Everyone is asking the same question, why is this so unsettling?” but added that for him, the “most shocking part of this picture” and “the first thing we see is Harry’s smile”.

The body language guru opined: “When was the last time you saw Harry smiling like this? I certainly don’t remember. This is not the usual Harry nowadays. This is a complete, sincere smile.”

The expert explained that a “genuine smile” is when you have the lip corners pulling upwards and the cheeks pressing the eyes, then “you have that real light on his eyes” and according to the expert, “that’s something that you can’t fake”.

The expert suggested that here, Harry looked “delighted” and “truly happy,” he was feeling “actual joy”.

According to Jesus, there is a huge difference between these pictures and the first photographs of Meghan and Harry when they officially announced their engagement in front of the press at the Palace.

He commented: “The difference in Harry’s smile in here is that his lip corners are not quite pointed upward, it’s more to the sides. His smile seems a bit forced. In the professional photoshoot, he is much more natural and it is a more pleasant smile.”

However, he pointed out that the Duke of Sussex was probably more relaxed with only one photographer taking pictures at Frogmore Cottage as opposed to posing in front of 30 photographers.

Jesus continued analysing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s body language and went back to their pose, which “raises questions”.

He commented: “Why are they stumbling? And why does Meghan look like she’s clinging on to Harry? Why does she look so clingy?”

The expert claimed: “Maybe a lot has to do with the fact that she has her left hand rubbing Harry’s arm and her right hand is already in a ‘controlling’ gesture over her soon-to-be husband’s hand.”

The body language guru observed that Meghan’s gesture is “unusual” as she has her hand over Harry’s hand “when it should be the opposite, since men’s hands are usually larger and bigger than women’s hands”.

He claimed: “So the reason why this picture is a bit unsettling is first, we see Harry truly happy but at the same time, Meghan being clingy, and being ‘I’m so, so next to you, grabbing you, that we both stumble’ – it’s something that will be a metaphor for years to come.”

Jesus Enrique revealed that the photographer reportedly struggled to find the right angles as Meghan was wearing a sheer dress.

“And the dress itself was a bit of controversy,” he commented since it reportedly cost £99,000, with the Palace later clarifying that it had been purchased privately.

Jesus Enrique Rosas is a body language expert, persuasion specialist and author. Some of his most famous titles are Body Language In 40 Days and The Remote CEO’s 22 Laws of Persuasion, available to purchase on Amazon.

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